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I wrote this about a month ago: “I woke up this morning remembering a moment half way up the North face of mount Andromeda in the Columbia Ice fields, almost twenty years ago. I climbed Mt Andromeda with friends who were training for mountain guides exams. Like with all alpine climbs, the day started early … Continue reading

Resting in beauty

After several weeks of living in a car, struggling to stay warm at night because of few tolerated warm things and not being able to turn the heat on, scared for my longer term health and life in a desperate situation with no clear answers – I find it a tad satirically funny that the … Continue reading


There are times in life where all that you can do is take a deep breath and maybe say oh boy or wow and then shake a situation off and dedicate yourself to the joys of the moment, like avocado oil kettle chips or wild rose bush smells or belly laughs about ridiculous videos like … Continue reading

A call for change

Friday night, in spite of a request to hospital management that accommodations be made for my safety and health, I learned that the the room next to mine would be painted in the morning with no chemical sensitivity precautions. The decision was made without medical consultation – in fact my doctor was not even informed, … Continue reading

From Banff to Havana and back again…. :)

(Havana, Cuba 2008, with Lida) We walked down a narrow cobblestone alley, past tables scattered in front of makeshift restaurants and through tangled storylines of Latin music winding around street corners (carried via humid warm air that smells like compost and coffee). A poster that looked like it was made on a typewriter marked the … Continue reading

Low dose immunotherapy

Three weeks ago my lyme doctor told me that he’s been researching a new treatment (and way of thinking about aspects of Lyme) and that he believes that he knows what is causing my environmental sensitivities. And that there is a treatment that can help me. I know Eh??? Yes! And Give’r! Or as autocorrect … Continue reading

Happy 2016!

Happy 2016! I’m sending out wishes for peace, love, oodles of blissfulness and kick ass dance parties, surf, family and mountain adventures and wildest dreams unfolding for everyone! In gratitude for so many loving people in my life, for the deer who visited my window today, for a compassionate and incredible doctor and spectacular nurses … Continue reading

A spotlight on healthcare and Lyme

I have previously written a little about the politics and limitations in resources for patients with chronic Lyme disease in Canada, trying to focus on hope for change and where resources can be found within the current controversial climate. Out of respect for the doctors who do have my back and have been wonderful resources … Continue reading

Sneezels, weasels, willows and pillows

After the awesomeness of driving A LOT for a week, my health crash landed. Perhaps I pushed a tad too far…but hey when life hands you a 3.5d experience (see my next post) you sometimes have to roll with it. Attempting to bring a bit of fun and humour to the zigs and zags of … Continue reading

Journey in 3.5D

Last week, several days before I was set to move house, vacillating between a really good gut feeling about the new beginning and being quite scared of how I’d be in a new environment, I went for a drive for the first time in a year – lasting about 15 minutes. I felt so incredibly … Continue reading